Redmond Crowd Salutes Hometown Winner

For two of the four winners at the 2013 Pro Roughstock Redmond Challenge the last line of John Howard Payne’s song rang truer than ever – “there’s no place like home.”

Oregon’s Cody Ford won the bull riding competition and Brian Bain of Redmond, Oregon, took the bareback title in front of the raucous hometown crowd at the Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center.

For Bain it was his first PRS title. His two-head aggregate total of 170 points was two points better than fellow Redmond rider Austin Foss who won the long go with an 86-point ride aboard Howell Rodeo’s Sour Dough. However, in the Wrangler Final Four Showdown Round, Bain’s ride was enough to boost him to the win.

And it was even sweeter the way he did it.

Bain rode B bar D Rodeo’s Wagon Master to 86 points. And it happens that Bain’s dad owns the horse along with B bar D rodeo.

“I’ve been dying to get on that horse since I was a kid,” Bain said. “But my dad would never let me get a shot. Finally tonight I got my shot.

“Before I got on,I gave dad a bit of a hard time about it behind the chutes so I knew I had to do well. And, oh my gosh, that horse was awesome, even more than I expected.”"To do this well in my hometown, I couldn't be happier."         -Brian Bain

On the strength of a good mark out Bain was able to land every spur lick as Wagon Master bucked straight across the arena at an even pace. Bain styled out strong through the entire eight seconds, turning his toes out and consistently landing in the mane on each jump before the horse’s front feet hit the ground.

Wagon Master’s trip was classic. Kicking straight out and up with good elevation. Bain’s 86-point total was a PRS career best and summons the field that he’s ready to make his mark after a three-month injury layoff.

“This was my first big hit back and to do this well in my hometown, man I couldn’t be happier,” Bain said. The win moves Bain into the all-important top 12 in the season standings. The top 12 qualify for the PRS World Finals later this year.

Ford Rides to Victory in Bull Riding

In bull riding it was also a special night for Heppner, Oregon’s, Cody Ford. Ford capped a personal record-setting night in a big way with an 87-point ride on B bar D’s Space Monkey. The bull took one jump out of the chutes and began spinning to "To hear the word champion next to your name, makes it all worth it." -Cody Fordthe left, bucking evenly and strong. Ford was able to keep his place upright over the bull, free hand working and right leg spurring for 7 of the bull’s 10 rotations. His score was a PRS career best and it was his best night since he made a trip to the pay window in Fresno last year.

“Just to hear the word champion next to your name makes all of this worth it,” Ford said. “I knew that when I got on a bull like that, you don’t screw it up. It’s like in football with a field goal kicker. You want to nail it or it’s hard to live with yourself.”

Ford, like Bain, has battled injuries since last September and his performance in Redmond he hopes will lead him to better things in the coming weeks. “It’s a big boost to be able to come back from being out like that and win one.”

Winning the long go in the bull riding was Redmond’s Jake Charlton, a newcomer to the PRS. He rode Howell’s Bottoms up to an 81.5 score. “It’s just staying loose, gritting your teeth and hanging on,” Charlton said. “I love this. The three best sports in the world being put together in one, you can’t beat that.”

Riders Partner to Saddle Bronc Win

The saddle bronc competition could not have been any closer. In fact there were co-champions. Tyrell Smith of Cascade, Montana, and Jesse Kruse of Great Falls, Montana, were not only close where the score was concerned they are travelling partners.

After the long go Kruse held a one-point lead on Smith after an 84-point trip on B bar D’s Deuces. In the Wrangler Round, Smith was one point better with 85 points aboard Western Rodeo’s Smokey Day. The dual 168-point aggregate totals marked the second time this season co-champions have been crowned. It happened in bareback riding after Roanoke.

“I was thinking maybe we could settle it by wrestling somewhere along the way back home to Montana,” Kruse said with a grin. “I kept telling Tyrell that we just gotta keep doing what we know how to do this season and things would turn around "Maybe we could settle it by wrestling on the way home."    -Jesse Kruse

-eventually for us this year. It doesn’t get much better than splitting the title with him.”

Kruse saddled Superior Livestock’s Jet Liner for the Wrangler Round. The horse had a strong trip with an even bucking pattern. Except for a slight bobble on the right side, Kruse had a clean spur ride, setting his feet consistently.

“It feels like they’re not even bucking when you can get your feet in synch with the horse like that,” Kruse said. Yet if not for the missed spur licks on the right side he possibly may have been the champion in this tightest bronc competition of the year.

Smith’s trip on Smokey Day, a horse that Jake Costello won third on in Redmond last year, went equally as well. Smokey Day was strong in her bucking pattern from start to finish. Smith started his ride with a strong mark out and set his feet solidly. He measured just the right amount of reign to keep solidly positioned in the saddle and in control from start to finish. In the end, Kruse was a point better in the long-go, Smith a point-better in the Wrangler Round.

“Man, that horse was amazing,” Smith said. “And I’ve been trying to match Jesse all year. If he’d one-upped me twice in one night that would have made for a long trip back to Montana.”

In the season standings, the leaders remain unchanged after Redmond. Bareback leader Josi Young had a disappointing night after a first round double grab 3-seconds into his ride on Bridwell/Growny’s Blue Creek. It marked the first time this season Young has failed to make the Wrangler Championship round.

In bull riding it was a harrowing night for season leader McKennon Wimberly. He drew Howell Rodeo’s Crooked Kat. On the second jump out the bottom fell out of the ride as Crooked Kat dropped forcefully sending Wimberly over the front end. He was hung up for 15 seconds as bullfighters Jason McCall and Tory Cooper worked to free him. Although he was certainly sore, he walked out of the arena under his own power.

“Man that was a wild ride,” Wimberly said. “That kind of thing just happens and you just gotta go with it. I’m alright, I’ll be ready next time.”

In saddle bronc competition South Dakota’s JJ Elshere maintains his slim lead over fellow South Dakotan Troy Crowser. Elshere did not compete in Redmond, taking the weekend off.

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